About Us

At Southside Water Works and Sewer Board, our goal is to provide safe, clean water to all of our residents.

We are located at 3001 Highway 77 in Southside.

Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month.

Phone: (256) 442-8707

Fax: (256) 442-3077


Southside Water Works & Sewer Board was officially incorporated in 1958. We serve over 4,000 customers and maintain 112 miles of pipe.

Southside’s water is groundwater drawn from three (3) wells and water purchased from the City of Gadsden. Our third well was constructed and put into operation in 2023. Southside’s wells draw from the Fort Payne Chert and the Cambrian and Ordovician Rocks undifferentiated.

Each water system must complete a Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP). The SWAP is comprised of four distinct activities: delineation of the source water assessment area, contaminant inventory, susceptibility analysis and public awareness. SWWSB has completed each requirement component of the source water assessment and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has approved the plan. The findings of the SWAP are available for your review at the office located at 3001 Highway 77. To provide safe drinking water chlorine is used as a disinfectant.

The Water Works and Sewer Board is pleased to report that our drinking water is safe and meets federal and state requirements. If you have any questions about this report or concerning your water utility, please contact Superintendent of Maintenance Brandon Sewell at (256)-442-8707 between 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. or e-mail your questions to jessica@southsidewater.us.

You can view our annual Water Quality Reports here.

3001 Highway 77, Southside, AL